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Children in Yoga Class


The Body Meets Mind Program is a FREE 6 week (12x sessions), virtually & in-person delivered & designed using Yoga & Mental Health Sessions with the goal to promote physical & mental wellness through activity; while creating an inclusive community that connects vulnerable youth struggling with social integration, isolation & anxiety.  

Mental health sessions are facilitated by Psychometrist, Shawna MacKellar, M.Ed and Yoga sessions are facilitated by Mama Frances Adamson, Yoga Therapist. The two components are tied together to keep youth active and healthy in both mind & bod

Body Meets Mind


School is a fundamental introduction platform for sports and has the capacity to help promote the benefits of health & wellness through physical activity & literacy.  This program is geared to eliminate the barrier of access to sporting equipment, training and other resources.

Stretch Your Potential
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Their Opportunity's longest standing program pillar is our subsidies program. It's built to help remove the financial barrier to ensure children from all economic backgrounds have an equal opportunity to participate in grassroots sports and recreation.

Financial Requirements

 To qualify for a sports subsidy for your child/children, families must fall within the financial criteria as per Revenue Canada’s Low income measure (LIM) thresholds by income source and household size

To apply or learn more about application requirements at

For more information on how to obtain your NOA please check out this link from Canada Revenue 

Sport Subsidy
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