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Their Opportunity's longest standing program pillar is our subsidies program. It's built to help remove the financial barrier to ensure children from all economic backgrounds have an equal opportunity to participate in grassroots sports and recreation.

Please note: After creating a Their Opportunity Playground Portal Account - the application will be on the home portal page.



The following is required prior to submitting your application.

  1. Your contact information (name, postal code, telephone number, and email address)

  2. The first name, last name, gender, school and date of birth of your child

  3. Contact information of the sport or recreation league/club that you have enrolled your child in. This includes the start/end dates, the length of the program, name of the league/club, a league/club representatives name and email or phone number. 

  4. The amount of support you are requesting from Their Opportunity

  5. Financial Proof Requirement: The most recent Notice of Assessment (NOA) available through Canada Revenue Agency OR you must submit your 3 most recent & consecutive paystubs is required.
    *For more information on how to obtain your NOA please check out this link from Canada Revenue 



financial requirements

 To qualify for a sports subsidy for your child/children, families must fall within
the financial criteria as per Revenue Canada’s Low income measure (LIM)
thresholds by income source and household size.



Their Opportunity hosts a unique Giveback Program where children who receives subsidies or is a participates in one of our core programs are asked to “pay it forward” within their community through volunteerism. 

We believe in creating a cycle of generosity as we continue to build healthier communities through active youth.

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