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Memorial Candle



Honour someone special by making a
donation or hosting a fundraiser in their memory.

When you make a memorial donation for a loved one or friend,

Their Opportunity will support children into their choice sport or recreation

on your behalf to the family acknowledging your thoughtful gift.

By choosing to celebrate the life of a loved one through a memorial
donation or fundraiser, you inspire and enable  Their Opportunity to positively

impact the lives of children and families.

Det. Const. Bruno Gendron wasn’t at that call, but he deserves much of the credit. Gendron, who spent 17 years as a paramedic before becoming a police officer, was the man who oversaw the campaign to equip and train Ottawa police with the life-saving devices. He even testified before a parliamentary committee about their effectiveness.


Cruelly, there was nothing that could save Gendron when the married father of two collapsed of a cardiac event of his own while mountain biking in Larose Forest near Casselman. He was 47.

“He was a big champion of defibrillators,” said friend Danny Cyr, who worked with Gendron as a paramedic and also made the jump to Ottawa police. “He was the go-to person for that. He was very passionate about it, clearly because he’d spent so much time as a paramedic.”

Bruno Gendron

Bruno Gendron.jpg

Matthew Fawcett


If you were lucky enough to have had Matt in your life, no matter how long or short of a duration then you know that you were....simply put,  in the presence of a true one of one. 

His smile could light up a room and his laugh is something that can never be forgotten. His love for family and friends was undeniable and his passion for sport and his team mates was inspiring. Those that found themselves in one, two, maybe all of these groups will surely never forget the impact that Matt has had on their lives. 

For all that he was to all of these people I would be remiss to not talk about another huge part of Matt's life. If you ever had the pleasure to see him around the children of family and friends then you already know first hand. There is no denying how much he loved and cared for all the kids that were fortunate enough to spend time with him. Uncle Matt to many more than just immediate family speaks to the character of who we all came to know and love. A beautiful soul that no one will soon forget. We miss Matt.


colour balls.png

In October 2016, Joseph Stanley Clark Fancey (Joey) was abruptly taken from the world in a workplace construction accident.  Joey, 32 at the time, left behind his wife Jaymie and two sons Abel and Oliver.  Joey was an amazing husband, father,  teammate, brother, uncle, cousin, son, nephew and overall great man.

In celebration of Joey’s life and his love for hockey, friends and family created the Joey Fancey Memorial Tournament, now in its second year (2018).  Joey inspired everyone around him to be a better person.  His passion, aside from the family he loved so much, was hockey. 

Joey's family and the JFMT committee has selected Their Opportunity as the tournament charity of choice.  We look forward to contributing funding from the tournament to directly help families in need with the goal of helping as many as possible feel the life changing power of sport!

Joseph Stanley Clark Fancey


Jeremy "Herb" Smith

Jeremy Smith.jpg

Each August for the past 4 years Their Opportunity has been honored to be chosen as the charity of choice for the Jeremy Smith Memorial tournament.  Jeremy’s family and tournament organizers chose Their Opportunity as smith-pic-1-png-2they felt we best reflect the kind of person Jeremy was.


Jeremy was heavily involved in sports and the community, making a lasting impact on the lives of many people.  The tournament is a great success because Jeremy was loved by so many people.  Being able to provide children the opportunity to play sport and also pass on the power of giving is a gift Jeremy would be happy to give!


Their Opportunity thanks the Smith family for choosing us as the charity of choice, it is truly an honour to see the community spirit that is present, all thanks to an amazing human being, Jeremy Smith


Matthew Jack Scott Peebles was born on June 29, 1990. The middle child in a family of six, he was always known for his big smile. He was one of those guys that everybody knew. He was in his final year at Saint Mary’s University in Halifax, and was one of the smartest and most inspirational people that I know. While out at Saint Mary’s, Matthew picked up the age old past-time of bowling. He may not have been the best bowler in the league, but he sure did make every night a great one.  As I looked back on past memories, It didn’t matter where you were or what you were doing, Matthew was there making it a memorable moment.


One thing I know for sure is that he was an exceptional human being with a heart of gold, and a sense of humor that could brighten even the darkest of days.  He touched the lives of everyone he met, and will be missed by all. I hope in celebrating his life, we can all look back on a life cut too short, but lived to the absolute fullest. I think Matthew would want us all to remember that every moment is one to be caught – not passed up.


In quoting Mark Twain “Twenty years from now you will be more disappointed by the things that you didn’t do than by the ones you did do. So throw off the bowlines. Sail away from the safe harbour. Catch the trade winds in your sails. Explore. Dream. Discover.”   Rest in Peace Matthew, you truly were a legend.


The children of Their Opportunity are so proud to be the recipient of the Matthew Peebles Memorial Tournament.

Matthew Peebles

Matthew Pebbles.jpg

Corey Pepper

Cory Pepper.jpg

Corey began his short life on July 19, 1986. His life was tragically taken by a careless driver on Nov 2, 2014.


His life was a journey of charisma, determination, kindness, a love of hockey, music, cars and a love of life itself.


He was one of the most determined children I have ever known. If he wanted something he wouldn’t give up until he achieved it. This trait followed him right into Heaven. I remember starting him in skating lessons at Donavan Arena when he was 5. He would fall down and get up repeatedly. In fact we had to register him a second year until he got his feet under him. After that there was no stopping him. He played on St. Marks house league until he was old enough to get into the OMHA. He played “A” until he made it into “AA” and was forced to quit due to foot surgery. He played defense and once actually climbed on a guys back to try to stop him. He was a team player all the way.


As an adult he continued all his venues with a vengeance, making and keeping both friends and family close.

Kind, committed, generous, inspiring leader … They are just a few words that people commonly use to describe Denis. He loved to build, whether it was managing the development of staple buildings or cultivating strong communities by investing into community programs and organizations; Denis was a true embodiment of a community leader!


As a founding member of Companies Who Care, Denis channeled his passion and found a way to rally others and make a difference for so many people throughout the Region.

Denis O’Connell

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