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We would like to partner with you in support of Their Opportunity this holiday season.



In times like these, it’s challenging for parents and guardians to support their child’s sport and recreational programs.


With your donation to Their Opportunity, we can pave the way for a brighter and more promising future for these deserving youth by providing access to enriching opportunities that instill confidence, essential life skills, and a sense of belonging. Through their unique Giveback Program, TheirOpportunity participants or children who receive subsidies are asked to “pay it forward” within their community through volunteerism, creating a cycle of generosity and building healthier communities through active youth.

Last year, we raised $25,000 for The Super Sophia Project and in 2021, we raised $17,000 for the Denise House.

Please help us reach our $25,000 goal for Their Opportunity this year!

With your support, we will add your business’s logo to the Merry Match-Mas webpage as well as our full-page Metroland ad and social media posts.

Please process your donation through the Their Opportunity Match-Mas donation form (a tax receipt will be emailed to you directly) and send your company logo to




Their Opportunity is a grassroots charity that has the vision to educate, uplift & support children to overcome barriers through the strength of sport & generosity.  Since inception, we have helped provide opportunities for over 56,000 children & affected thousands more through our Giveback Program; translating to 728,000+ hours of sport & recreation and 196,000+ hours of community service and engagement. 


Their Opportunity hosts a unique Giveback Program where children who receive subsidies or participate in one of our core programs are asked to “pay it forward” within their community through volunteerism. We believe in creating a cycle of generosity, where active youth are empowered to give back to help build healthier communities.

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