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Active Indigenous Youth & Community Empowerment Grant

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Eastern Ontario & Gatineau


A beacon of hope and opportunity, inspired by the Calls to Action 87-91 of the Truth and Reconciliation Commission of Canada. As a national children's sports charity in Canada, we recognize our shared responsibility to address historical injustices and pave the way for a more inclusive future.

This grant is a call to action, urging us all to play a role in promoting educational, cultural, and economic opportunities via sports and recreation that empower Indigenous youth to overcome challenges.

By actively supporting the Active Indigenous Youth & Community Empowerment Grant, you become a vital part of a movement dedicated to supporting and promoting Aboriginal sports participation, growth and development. It's not just a grant; it's a commitment to bridge gaps, nurture cultural resilience, build the fundamental elements of health and well-being; while empowering youth and their communities to thrive.

Let's stand united, working towards a future where the richness of Indigenous cultures is celebrated and where every child's dreams are supported.

The grant

Community ProgrammingEligibility Requirements

  • Organizational Eligibility:

    • Demonstrate a commitment to promoting a more inclusive future.

  • Alignment with Calls to Action 87-91:

    • Clearly demonstrate alignment with Calls to Action 87-91 of the Truth and Reconciliation Commission of Canada.

  • Focus on Indigenous Youth Empowerment:

    • Projects or programs must specifically focus on empowering Indigenous youth through sports and recreation.

  • Promotion of Educational, Cultural, and Economic Opportunities:

    • Proposals should outline how the grant will contribute to promoting educational, cultural, and economic opportunities for Indigenous youth, particularly through sports.

  • Commitment to Overcoming Challenges:

    • Demonstrated commitment to helping Indigenous youth overcome challenges, including financial barriers to sports participation.

  • Support for Aboriginal Sports Participation:

    • The grant application should articulate how the funds will be used to support and promote Aboriginal sports participation, growth, and development.

  • Building Cultural Resilience:

    • Projects should contribute to building cultural resilience within Indigenous communities, incorporating sports and recreation as a means of cultural expression.

  • Focus on Health and Well-being:

    • Projects should aim to build fundamental elements of health and well-being among Indigenous youth through sports activities.

  • Community Empowerment:

    • Proposals should articulate how the grant will empower not only youth but also their communities to thrive.

  • Commitment to Inclusivity:

    • The project or program should demonstrate a commitment to inclusivity, ensuring that sports subsidies and program benefits reach a broad spectrum of Indigenous youth.

  • Long-term Impact:

    • The grant proposal should outline how the project or program, including sports, will have a lasting impact on the lives of Indigenous youth and their communities.

  • Collaboration and Unity:

    • Demonstrated ability to collaborate with other organizations and stakeholders to achieve common goals, fostering unity, particularly in the context of sports subsidies.


Sport SubsidyEligibility Requirements

  • Your contact information

    • name, postal code, telephone number, and email address)

    • The first name, last name, gender, school and date of birth of your child

  • Contact information of the sport or recreation league/club that you have enrolled your child in.

    • This includes the start/end dates, the length of the program, name of the league/club, a league/club representative's name and email or phone number. 

  • The amount of support you are requesting from Their Opportunity

  • Financial Proof Requirement:

    • The most recent Notice of Assessment (NOA) available through Canada Revenue Agency OR you must submit your 3 most recent & consecutive paystubs is required
      *For more information on how to obtain your NOA please check out this link from Canada Revenue 

To qualify for a sports subsidy for your child/children, your families household income must fall within the financial criteria as per Revenue Canada’s Low income measure (LIM) thresholds by income source and household size

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