In Memory Of

Jeremy Smith

smith-pic-2Each August for the past 4 years Their Opportunity has been honoured to be chosen as the charity of choice for the Jeremy Smith Memorial tournament.  Jeremy’s family and tournament organizers chose Their Opportunity as smith-pic-1-png-2they felt we best reflect the kind of person Jeremy was.

Jeremy was heavily involved in sports and the community, making a lasting impact on the lives of many people.  The tournament is a great success because Jeremy was loved by so many people.  Being able to provide children the opportunity to play sport and also pass on the power of giving is a gift Jeremy would be happy to give!  To date the family & friends through this tournament have donated over $30,000 to Their Opportunity.

Their Opportunity thanks the Smith family for choosing us as the charity of choice, it is truly an honour to see the community spirit that is present, all thanks to an amazing human being, Jeremy Smith


Matthew Peebles

mattp Matthew Jack Scott Peebles was born on June 29, 1990. The middle child in a family of six, he was always known for his big smile. He was one of those guys that everybody knew. He was in his final year at Saint Mary’s University in Halifax, and was one of the smartest and most inspirational people that I know. While out at Saint Mary’s, Matthew picked up the age old past-time of bowling. He may not have been the best bowler in the league, but he sure did make every night a great one.  As I looked back on past memories, It didn’t matter where you were or what you were doing, Matthew was there making it a memorable moment. One thing I know for sure is that he was an exceptional human being with a heart of gold, and a sense of humour that could brighten even the darkest of days.  He touched the lives of everyone he met, and will be missed by all. I hope in celebrating his life, we can all look back on a life cut too short, but lived to the absolute fullest. I think Matthew would want us all to remember that every moment is one to be caught – not passed up.
mattypIn quoting Mark Twain “Twenty years from now you will be more disappointed by the things that you didn’t do than by the ones you did do. So throw off the bowlines. Sail away from the safe harbour. Catch the trade winds in your sails. Explore. Dream. Discover.”   Rest in Peace Matthew, you truly were a legend.

The children of Their Opportunity are so proud to be the recipient of the Matthew Peebles Memorial Tournament on May 7th 2016 more Information can be found at


Memoirs Of Corey Pepper

corey-hockey-with-st-marksCorey began his short life on July 19, 1986. His life was tragically taken by a careless driver on Nov 2, 2014.

His life was a journey of charisma, determination, kindness, a love of hockey, music, cars and a love of life itself.

He was one of the most determined children I have ever known. If he wanted something he wouldn’t give up until he achieved it. This trait followed him right into Heaven. I remember starting him in skating lessons at Donavan Arena when he was 5. He would fall down and get up repeatedly. In fact we had to register him a second year until he got his feet under him. After that there was no stopping him. He played on St. Marks house league until he was old enough to get into the OMHA. He played “A” until he made it into “AA” and was forced to quit due to foot surgery. He played defence and once actually climbed on a guys back to try to stop him. He was a team player all the way.

He began playing music in grade 5 and again, never gave up. He wanted to play the bass and no other instrument would do. He played at Vincent Massey under the direction of Carol White and thrived at that too. He went on to get into the music program at O’Neil Collegiate and played the stand up bass in the Jazz band.
img_20140619_093805During his high school years he worked, played in the Jazz band and juggled “AA” hockey. He never stopped living & enjoying life to the fullest.

As an adult he continued all his venues with a vengeance, making and keeping both friends and family close. He worked long hours at “Camping in Style” and saw an opportunity to make more money by creating a new job within the company. He was amazing at setting a good example.

Corey was generous to those who needed him most by being there for them in times of trouble by offering sound advice, thus making him a mentor to many.

He did all this with a smile on his face and a trail of friends and acquaintances following close behind.

He valued both friendship & family.

We felt that Corey would wish to help others in need and thus chose this organization for donations. We are sure that by sharing this memoir that more than a few of you will read it, learn from it and apply it to your own young lives so that Corey can live on by giving you both advice and an opportunity to achieve your dreams and goals



Lynda Erickson

This donation is made to honour the life and spirit of Lynda Erickson –a cherished Aunt, tremendous athlete, fierce competitor, and kind heart. Sharing the opportunity for children to enjoy playing sports and the benefits of doing so seems appropriate.

Rev Martin Lynas

In Memory of Rev. Martin Lynas

Dorothy Smith

Suddenly and peacefully at home on Thursday December 26, 2013 at the age of 81. Dorothy was a dedicated teacher of 35 years at Dr. S.J. Phillips Public School, Oshawa. It is only fitting that Their Opportunity acknowledge Dorothy’s amazing impact in our community.  Dr. S. J. Philips Public School was our first school to be part of the Dimes 4 Time campaign, Dorothy’s leadership created a cycle of generosity which will last generations.

Iona Anderson

candleThank you for your contribution in Loving Memory of Iona Anderson the children of Their Opportunity are honoured.  As we read about Iona we have learned she believed in our philosophies of giving-back (paying it forward) to the community, we understand she volunteered, mentored, and guided students at Dr. S.J. Philips and because of your contribution in her loving memory she will be able to reach out to those children again. Iona brought joy to many children and continues to do so, we are so blessed.

We at Their Opportunity would like to make Iona Anderson an honorary “Community All Star” a title so suited for her contributions to our community.



Todd Skinner

bwegbducmaa09k6A Special Day at Their Opportunity Honouring our Friend and Community Pillar Todd Skinner.

Today we put 20 kids into sport and recreation in Todd’s memory right here in Oshawa.  In Todd’s memory Their Opportunity began a partnership with the YMCA Oshawa and Mary Street Public School.  We were honoured to have representatives from Todd’s family, Mayor John Henry, community leaders, business colleagues, friends, and most importantly the kids who will benefit form this partnership. It was a very impactful, fun filled day remembering an impactful fun loving human being.





Debbie Lockhart



In Memory Of Debbie Lockhart (Click on above image for video)