1 to 1000

1to1000Helping kids realize a dream of playing a sport they love and empowering them to give back to their local community and be an agent of change is what Their Opportunity is all about.

A young man was referred to us by the Durham Regional Police who was bullied into stealing items from a local department store. That young man eventually returned those items (just a side note). This young man came from a single parent home and his father was unable to enroll him in sports programs. We were able with the help of our donors to enroll him in Hockey. This brought so much life to this young man.

The story doesn’t stop there. Our mandatory Giveback Program he asked what he could do to make his community a better and safer place. The police suggested he do a graffiti removal day. He agreed and took on the challenge. Subsequently, he told his teacher about what he was doing, and that teacher told the principal, who then had the whole school do a buy-out to participate in this individual’s giveback. It even gets better… the money collected for this buy-out went to a diversity program for the school.

What started with 1 turned into 1,000 agents of change!!!

You never know what might happen to that one child you decide to help. Thank you for partnering with us to help one child at a time; which could turn into thousands of people being impacted.

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